Comments from CCIRA 2012

One of the BEST presenters I have even been to. She had many great ideas!

Absolutely fabulous information. Your energy ad positivity was inspiring. Thank you for all the ideas we can use immediately.

Great job! Loved the activity ideas! Will be trying and sharing ideas right away!

Fun and fantastic ideas! Awesome!!

Absolutely fabulous! Everyone should come see her.

I saw you present this fall at KSRA. I LOVED you!!! I bought all of your books and came back to my building and raved about your ideas. Since then a bunch of my fellow teachers have borrowed your books and implemented some of your strategies.Kerri, Fawn Grove, PA

“I feel that this is one of the best workshops I have attended. I was never bored or felt as if I had heard it before.”

-Teacher, Ramona Elementary

“These workshops have really helped me to open my eyes with reading. I think I won’t be boring anymore.”

-Teacher, Ramona Elementary

“Great learning experience. I do not teach reading this year but have found many strategies to help me with math/science this year. Thank you for  coming.”

-Teacher, Ramona Elementary

“LOVED your session at TRA. We appreciate you.

-Teresa and Linda, Tennessee

“My 10th grade students enjoyed making vocabulary flip books. This activity was a welcome change from our routine word studies. Having them do something creative facilitated their enjoyment of the word study.”

– Sarah, Robert E. Lee High School, Jacksonville, FL

“I loved your presentation!! You are a wonderful model as a teacher. The ideas you shared will make learning fun!  I will pass along the ideas you shared with other teachers. They will make a positive difference in the lives of our children.”

– Jean, Reading Specialist, Schneider Elementary School

“Jane, I was at the Reading Cadre meeting and enjoyed your presentation. I have done a lot of staff development this year on writer’s workshop; most of our teachers are still not too comfortable with the process. I see your response activities as a natural for either ways to publish student writing or to extend their reading during center time.”

– Joanne, Crookshank Elementary

“I really enjoyed your workshop.  You were able to cram a lot of valuable resources and instructional strategies in a very short period of time.  GREAT JOB!!!”

– Brandy, Drop In for Success Academy

“I was an attendee at your recent session at CATE and wanted to let you know how I am using your book. Although I am a middle-school teacher through and through, I find myself teaching freshmen and sophomores this year. I am using the postcard idea with my freshmen as we venture with Odysseus on his journey home. Each time we finish a “book” of The Odyssey, we write a postcard from Odysseus to his wife, son, or father. I find it to be a great way for kids to show responsibility in their reading/listening, and they love the inclusion of creativity in their day.”

– Middle-school teacher, Rocklin Unified School District, Rocklin, CA

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